Monday, August 10, 2009

The New Backlash?

Wouldn’t it be ironic if current right-wing extremist behavior triggers a response by mainstream Americans similar to the reaction 40 years ago to the antics of the New Left?

The “political theatre” of 60s radicals was, after all, intent on taking down “the system,” oftentimes showing utter disrespect and disgust for settled values. Decades of conservative governance which followed were based, in part, on this perception (and its manipulation) of an arrogant class of self-appointed elitists.

Now Americans get to witness an internet-era movement of angry right wing nudniks taking marching orders from media madmen like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Abbey Hoffman they’re not, but there is a paradoxical similarity between the Yippies and this current incarnation of dissidents with their contrived indignation and outrage.

Very different times, conditions and issues. We’re much more accustomed to obnoxious spectacles. But this uncivil behavior has a lot of Americans of diverse political values shaking their heads.

Right now, conservative strategists are doing a pretty good job using their troops and true believers to shape the political environment. But this advantage may not last much longer.

Making a mockery of the system during the later phase of the protest movement gave young radicals a rush. But then the reaction set in.

Let’s see if Obama and the dems are clever enough to stir an instant backlash against these creepy anti-reform loudmouths.

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  1. I totally see your point, although I would not agree completely with your outcomes. :) You have really good vision for what is happening and in the works politically. Thanks for the great post.