Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Right Wing is Having Fun and We're Not

Congressional Republicans are enjoying themselves these days.

During TV interviews they seem to betray a smug, almost naughty smirk when they talk about “birthers” and health reform opponents who have uncovered the proposed plan to euthanize the aged.

Anti-Obama Republicans (are there any other kind) cleverly maintain a degree of ambiguity about the president’s origin and those insidious government control measures hiding out in the thousand-page health care bill.

Our side is always off guard when preposterous notions gain traction. Now that it’s becoming evident that this insurgent behavior is orchestrated, we’re particularly outraged.

Why are they so good at tricking us and why does the public keep falling for it?

It was almost a year ago when we were in a panic because of the enormous post-convention bump that McCain got over the Sarah Palin pick.

I almost dropped dead when I saw a front page photo of a Palin rally with Rosie the Riveter banners.

Sure we all felt better when the Palin fraud was exposed. But I think that experience is useful now.

The republican are good at snookering us and provoking reactions which make us look bad. So I think we’d better take a breath and close ranks (like we did around Obama last fall) and remember that although the stakes are high, you never want to let them see you sweat.

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