Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama's 2009 Environmental Record

Disappointed with Obama’s legislative agenda and his leadership style?

Too many compromises and concessions?

Don’t know what to tell your friends when they complain that the new prez isn’t progressive enough?

Take a quick look at this end-of-the-year report from the Natural Resources Defense Council outlining the administration’s direction and accomplishments on the environment.

Compare that to the previous group of plunderers and science-deniers who populated - and corrupted - the executive branch of the federal government.

Now keep in mind that the upcoming inauguration anniversary will trigger lots of media and internet chatter about where Obama has fallen short.

You won’t hear a lot about how this administration - through political appointments, departmental actions and executive orders - has made substantial progress on environmental preservation, conservation, protection and enforcement.

And, of course, there won’t be much discussion of other critically important matters such as workplace and consumer protections.

We’ll talk about that, among other things, next year.


  1. Republicans can crow all they want on how terribly they think Obama is doing. And they will! What you won't hear from them are these facts. Since Obama took office - 1) the bank bailout was passed. Now I might concede that the bailout might not had enugh "teeth" to enforce the million dollar bonuses doled out to the very executives that caused the failures - BUT - it DID save this country from going under. 2) The stimulus program was passed - and while the recession was quite severe - GDP has risen from contraction to expansion. Unemployment clains are now the lowest they have been in 18 months.
    3) Health care insurance reform is at the door step of the president's signature into law. Health care reform was and is the cornerstone of the Obama platform from the beginning.
    I remember when John Kennedy was asked early in his administration's first press conferences - about how the republicans consider his 1st year of presidency to be a "failure". Kennedy replied - that it was the first time they were unanimous on any decision.
    We have that here again - with the republicans crowing unanimously how terribly Obama is doing. Yet - Obama is achieving evrything he set out to do - despite the vitriol of the opposition.

    Martin Jay

  2. There is not real point in the republicans trying to make Obama look like a fool. Shaun Hannedy, Mark Levin, ect, have nothing much to say on the obama case.
    And if you ask the reason for this, its because Obama has already succeded in only keeping 47% of the country loyal to him. He has akready made a fool of himself and the american people this past year. Good job Obama. Your the new class clown of politics.

    ~ 13 yr old girl from crown point