Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Aren't We Doing Better? - A List for Democrats

So why can’t a Democratic White House and a Democratic Congress bring about the kind of change we want?

Here’s what we’ve been hearing:
  • Obama’s not very progressive
  • The Democrats have no guts
  • Corporate and financial interests control Congress
  • The Republicans tricked us again
  • It’s a conservative country
  • Americans are dumb
  • The Bush deficit
  • The media can’t cover complex issues
  • It’s too late to liberalize this nation
  • It’s Nixon’s and Reagan’s fault
  • Religious people are manipulated
  • The working class doesn’t vote
  • Clinton damaged the presidency
  • Iraq and Afghanistan burn up the budget
  • Larry Summers

 Here are a few reasons to be hopeful:

  • Obama is 48 and getting smarter
  • Right wing Republicans will devour their party
  • Henry Waxman
  • Unemployment has bottomed out
  • Health reform will pass
  • Young voters lean toward tolerance
  • American’s aren’t so dumb
  • The EPA is doing its job again
  • Democrats want to win
  • Progressives know how to organize

Who knows what will be. My advice is to stay positive, enjoy the ride and try to remember what it was like just a few years ago. Need any help...?:
  • Dick Cheney
  • Donald Rumsfeld
  • John Ashcroft
  • Gale Norton
  • John Roberts
  • Tom Delay


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